A Family Oriented Hobby...
The Tenth Michigan is a family oriented organization that encourages the entire family to participate.  In that regard, the ladies of the Tenth Michigan portray a vital role and one that is as wide and diverse as was 1860s society itself.  A sample of activities but certainly not a complete listing may include:  nurses for the field hospital, quilting & sewing circles, teaching school for the young ones, afternoon teas and socials, or members of the Christian or Sanitary Commissions or Temperance movement.  The ladies also play a large role in the planning & organizing of the military dress ball and other period dances.  Period 1860s base ball matches are also part of the civilian side of the Tenth Michigan Infantry.
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The Tenth Michigan Infantry  has attended over 500 different types of events since our founding in 1976.  We attend programs both in Michigan and in other states.  Types of portrayals to name a few are as follows:

Battle Reenactments - These will recreate an actual battle or a period military situation.  They are usually held as part of a larger muster type program that will include living history demonstrations & ladies events.

Living History - These programs are wide and diverse and may center around a specific topic or scenario.  They include "First Person" in which the "soldier" speaks and acts as though the year is during the Civil War.  The goal is to make history come alive for the audience. 

Period Dances - these are held several times a year complete with period music.  They may be part of a larger program or simply held on their own for the evening's enjoyment.

Tacticals- These are historically correct military situations in which the member is given as realistic an experience as possible to what an actual civil war soldier endured. These are usually for Gentleman only and take place over a a designated period of time, in wooded terrain.

Educational Programs – The education programs are designed to inform and stimulate discussion from an audience.  Such programs have been held for grade schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and univeriites across the state.  Special educational programs on the common soldier of the Civil War have also been presented to various historical, geneological, and civic organizations

Won't you join us in this grand hobby and relive the marches, battles, and high society of an era now past?

Preserving Our American Heritage through Living History since 1976
The gentlemen of the Tenth Michigan portray the Federal Soldier, circa 1863. 
 In joining a local company, one "enlists" in much the same fashion as did our forefathers.  Classroom sessions in addition to the annual Training Camp provide insight for the new recruit into the rudiments of 19th century military drill.

  New members will receive recommended equipment lists and sutler information for the proper items for the portrayal of a Tenth Michigan Infantry soldier.  The expectation is that all "soldiers" will be fully equipped within two  years of enlistment and that they will make a commitment for attendance and participation at events



A Michigan Non-Profit Corporation

The Tenth Michigan Infantry is one of the oldest reenactment units in the state having been formed on February 13, 1976 for the United State Bicentennial.  In 2026, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary of continuous operation as an organization.  We currently accepting applications for new military and civilian members in all company areas across the state.  If you have any interest in Civil War reenacting, please join us.  


We are the Tenth Michigan Infantry a state wide Civil War commemorative organization and Michigan Non-Profit corporation.  We are authentic minded and one of the oldest reenactment units in the state of Michigan having been created on February 13, 1976 for the United States Bicentennial.   We believe in a strong family environment and encourage all members of the family to join and participate.  In this modern age of social issues, the Tenth Michigan prides itself on preserving the heritage of those who have gone before us,  and in becoming positive role models for today’s young people.  We also honor and recognize the service of today’s veteran regardless of the branch of service or dates served.  The gentleman member of the Tenth Michigan portrays the Federal Infantry Soldier while the ladies perform a variety of civilian roles.  The goal of the TMI has always been, “Something for everyone”.   We currently also have portrayals of the regimental Surgeon and Chaplain.

How to join

Tenth Michigan Membership is obtained by completing a membership application and returning it to Headquarters.  Membership dues are $35 per year per family (i.e. same mailing address).  We publish a Uniform and Equipment List of those items appropriate for a Tenth Michigan Infantry portrayal.  We also provide a recommended Sutler list.  The Sutlers are businesses located across the country which market the goods needed for a Civil War portrayal.  Members are not required to use the recommended Sutlers but it does give a new member a start as to where to obtain the uniform and equipment.  We recommend that the new member purchase their items in phases with the uniform being purchased first.  Once in uniform a new member may find himself being able to participate in various roles at different events.  Many members have extra equipment which they will loan out to a new recruit for the first couple of events until the new member has the chance to obtain their own items.  Such items on loan are the personal property of various TMI members.  The unit does not have unit owned equipment as a “loaner box” as some other units may have.

The Tenth Michigan Infantry is a Federal unit.  We do not maintain a Confederate impression and we do not galvanize at larger events.  Some members have purchased “reb” items on their own initiative so that we may have a small skirmish at some of our living history events; however, this is not an expectation of any new member.  As I said, we are a Federal infantry unit and we take great pride in that role of wearing Federal blue.

While many members have ancestors who served in the Civil War, this is not a condition of membership.  Some of our members actually had ancestors who were members of the Tenth Michigan during the Civil War.  And others had ancestors who served in units from different states.  Today, all are welcome within the ranks of the Tenth Michigan.  

Generally, full membership is available to those persons eighteen (18) years of age and older.  Persons seventeen (17) and younger may join with an adult family member participation.  The general rule to carry a weapon is sixteen (16) years of age.