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The Tenth Michigan Infantry is a registered Michigan Non-Profit Coorporation with  100% of all proceeds dedicated to the  expenses of our educational programs.

Thank you for your contribution
Comprised entirely of volunteers since our origin in  1976 
The Tenth Michigan Infantry has hosted historical programs across the state of Michigan and throughout the United States  for the education of the public and the rememberence of the Civil War soldier. 
As with any worthwhile organization funds are needed to rent program grounds, secure firewood and straw for the camps, black powder for the cannons as well as to maintain the web site and educational radio programs.

Will you help us continue to bring history to life?

Preserve our Nation's History

The Tenth Michigan Infantry is a registered Michigan Non-Profit Corporation. 

Suggested Organization Sponsorship Levels

  Any donation of any size can be sent by paypal to
 Thank you kindly for your ongoing support of this wonderful program.

$40 / month or $480 / year                  Reenactor Radio Show (2 shows per month)

$400                                                    Sponsor a One Day Local Historical Program for a school, historical society, or civic organization

$750                                                    Adopt a Company (provides wood, straw, & amenities for a weekend program)

$1,000 to $2,500                                 Sponsor a full weekend Living History / Skirmish event in your own hometown.

$1,000,000                                          Build a Fort (yes, one million dollars) Can’t hurt to dream, can it?

Please consider any amount you can afford as pennies make dollars. 
100% of donated funds go to  the support of our ongoing efforts to bring history to life.

                                                      Suggested Individual Sponsorship Levels 
-                                                                                              Each grade will provide you with a Certificate of an Honorary Membership with that rank.

Donations to the unit should be tax deductible under Section 501(C3) of the IRS code, please check with your accountant before making a donation.
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 Thank You Kindly
Would you like us to come to your town?

              We would love to, thanks for asking.....

Contact us  by  telegraph at the links above. All of our members have full time jobs, but we will certainly make every effort to fit your event in to our schedules. 
email me
Donate to the Cause!
$1,000             Colonel

$750                Lieutenant Colonel

$500                Major

$250                Captain

$100                Lieutenant

$50                  Sergeant

$25                  Corporal

$10                  Private

Some educational programs are tax deductible. Please check with a accountant for tax laws in your area.
Lining up the enemy in the crosshairs. Small skirmish.