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Molasses? perhaps not!
You want me to do WHAT????
The gentlemen of the Tenth Michigan portray the Federal Soldier, circa 1863.  In joining a local company, one "enlists" in much the same fashion as did our forefathers.  Classroom sessions in addition to the annual Training Camp provide insight for the new recruit into the rudiments of 19th century military drill.  New members will receive recommended equipment lists and sutlers for the proper items for the portrayal of a Tenth Michigan Infantry soldier.  The expectation is that all "soldiers" will be fully equipped within 2  years of enlistment and that they will make a commitment for attendance and partcipation at events. 

Membership requires you to
attend no fewer than two  weekend events, per year with your host unit to maintain a member in good standing status. There are many more to attend by choice if you desire. (Trust me, you will want more)

Think of us as actors in a play.  You will camp in the field just as the real soldiers of  the1860's. We are authentic minded and do our best to maintain historic integrity throughout the event.

 We have living history members ranging in age from teens to 70s. The ladies enjoy a relaxing weekend, maintaining first person portrayals, sewing , cooking or just chatting with the public. The men have a military camp and they sing, play cards, wrestle, play checkers....oh, and fight the war.
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Comprised of volunteers, the membership  can help you  with a uniform for your first event. Arrange for this through email with the General. You will receive a uniform and equipment list upon joining.

 We do ask that  the first items you purchase will be your uniform trousers, shirts, four button sack coat, Kepi (hat) and  brogans (shoes). These are crucial for camp life and events. Next, save up for your gun and leathers. We usually have a position in the field for fresh-fish (newbies) such as flag bearer, cook, drummer, telegraph operator, hospital steward etc that only require you to have appropriate clothing and you will not need to be armed.

 We can find a character portrayal that suits your interests. Just ask for help from Mrs. General Rowley.
You know you are a reenactor when.....

You look at a beautiful golf course on a bright sunny day, and think to yourself.... What a lovely place for a battle.

Hot, black coffee in a tin cup is your favorite beverage.

You see a beautiful woman in a bikini on the beach and you think to yourself.....

                    I wonder what she looks like in a hoop skirt?

You eat soup and crave a good  chunk of hardtack to go with it.

You sleep in your uniform in February, just to try it out for spring.

You order all your good deer meat to be processed in jerky....

You want to shave, but you worry it will ruin your authenticity.....


Elva Rowley (1921-2008) was one of our Founders in 1976 along with her husband Norman and son David.  She enjoyed camping with the unit well into her 90s. Several of the civilian portrayals she began, we still continue to this day. 
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Yes, it is true. There is no time like the present to enlist in  the war of Southern Rebellion. If you are an old soul trapped in modern day society, a land of friends who  share your love of history await. 

 For $35 per family, you too can live the life of  1861 luxury- Crisp clean air, a restful night sleep on a bed of straw under the stars, a refreshing drink of luke warm water from a canteen, supper cooked over a bed of coals and if you love the smell of black powder in the morning......

WE NEED YOU...to join the 
Why join? 
Because we are so much fun!